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    Does Caffeine Enhance Sports Performance?

    By The Real Buzz 09/11/2019, 7:30pm PDT

    Current researchers tend to suggest that caffeine almost certainly has an ergogenic influence in some people, in some forms of exercise. In other words, it isn’t a magic bullet. But let’s have a look at who might benefit from caffeine use — and when. 

    Do Ice Baths Really Help With Recovery?

    By Robert Takla, USA Triathlon 09/11/2019, 1:45pm PDT

    This article will focus on cold water immersion (CWI) as a recovery aid. Cold therapy is also used to reduce pain and swelling of an acutely injured joint or muscle.

    If players want to have a healthy and empowering career that lasts for the long-term, they better prioritize a year-round strength plan.

    Safety Warning

    Over the weekend several Easton Ghost bats were found to have extensive dents and were removed prior to games being played for the safety of our players.    Please take caution if considering one of these bats in your next purchase. 

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