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All-Star Policy


Purpose of Policy

A.    To recognize a select group of players in each division of the Sierra Madre Girls Softball Association for having reached the status of “All-Star,” based on qualifications including, but not limited to: On-field performance, contribution to their teams, maintaining a positive attitude, adherence to the SMGSA “Code of Conduct,” and regular attendance.

General Policy

A.    Player Eligibility

  • A player must be a registered and paid player during the current spring season.
  • A player must meet USA tournament play eligibility requirements including but not limited to playing in 75% of her regular season games and not participating in any game, practice, try-out, scrimmage or work-out with a non-USA affiliated B or C level team after March 31st. 
  • A player and her parents must agree to sign the All-Star Commitment Agreement before being considered for All-Star selection.  This agreement outlines time commitments, financial responsibilities and conduct expected from all-star players and their families.  
  • A player who participated at a level higher than her correct USA-eligible division will considered for all star selection in the division she competed in during the regular season unless she had competed in the higher level at the request of the league, in which case she would be eligible to play all-stars at her correct USA-eligible age division. 


  • A player who opts off of an all-star team for any reason will be considered ineligible to play all-stars for the remainder of that all-star season.

If special needs arise, and only with parent consent, the CC may request that a player be added to the all-star nominations list for a division higher than her correct USA-eligible division.  For example, the player in the situation above may be the only pitcher from the 12U division available for all-star selection.  In this instance, the competition committee may request that the player be placed on the 12U all-stars nominations list, though she may be age-eligible for 10U.

Once selected for all-stars in a given division, a player may only compete in that division for the remainder of the all-star season.  Once her all-star team has officially disbanded for the summer, a player is free to play for any team for which she is age-eligible.


B.    Preparation Schedule for the player selection process.    

  • On the last Saturday in April, managers must submit a list of eligible all-star nominees from their teams to the Player Agent.  The nominees from each team will form the all-star ballot.  The CC reserves the right to add players to the all-star ballot. 
  • It is the responsibility of each manager/coach to follow the performance of each team’s players throughout the spring season.  This will prepare them to make well-informed all-star player selection decisions.
  • A player evaluation of all-star nominees may be conducted for each division no sooner than the last Sunday in April. This evaluation is to be deemed necessary or not by the managers of each division no later than the 1st week in April.  All-star evaluations are intended to provide managers an additional opportunity to observe the nominees’ skills, and are not intended to replace a manager’s responsibility to observe the performance of each team’s players throughout the season.  The all-star evaluation schedule can be published along with or after the league’s spring season schedule.  No games will be scheduled in conflict with the all-star evaluations.  The all-star evaluations will be run by the director of coaching and the player agent.  Managers and coaches in each division are required to assist in running the all-star evaluations (not for their own division).

The signed All-Star Commitment Agreement form must be provided to the All-Star Coordinator no later than this time or the player will be removed from the all-star nomination list and will not be evaluated.

A manager, coach, or designated representative from each team must attend and participate in the all-star evaluation.  Proof of attendance to be determined by use of a sign-up sheet. Teams not represented will forfeit the right to vote at the all-star selection meeting.

  • The all-star player selection process will take place the first week in May.  This is to allow sufficient lead-time for ordering uniforms and scheduling practices.

All-Star Manager Selection Process

A.    Managers must inform the Player Agent of their interest in managing an all-star team by the second to last Sunday in April  The CC reserves the right to disqualify a managerial candidate from all-star consideration based on the best interests of the league and/or the requirements outlined below.

B.    Candidates must meet the following requirements to be nominated:

  • They must have managed or coached a team during the spring season, preferably within the division.
  • They must have met the requirements of the “Code of Conduct” in their role as manager or coach, as determined by the CC.
  • They must obtain any coaching certification as required by the USA district that SMGSA is a member of prior to Championship play.

C.    If more than one manager in a division requests to manage an all-star team, the managers in that division will vote by means of a secret ballot.  The CC will break any tie by secret ballot.  If a member of the CC is also a manager in the division where there is a tie vote, an alternate CC member will replace the conflicted member.

D.    All-star managers will be selected no later than the last Friday in April.

E.    All-star managers are entitled to choose coaches to assist with all-star teams.  The CC reserves the right to disqualify a coach from all-star consideration based on the requirements listed for managers, above.

All-Star Player Selection Process

A.    Any member of the board of directors may attend all-star selection meetings.  In addition, the player agent and each regular season team manager must physically attend the meeting in order to have a vote.  If a team manager is unable to attend the all-star selection meeting, a coach or designated representative from his/her team may attend instead. Electronic means of voting are not permitted.

B.   No proxy voting is allowed.  A team must be properly represented in order to submit votes.

C.    Teams will be selected using the following procedure:

    1.    At the beginning of the all-star selection meeting, team managers will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to discuss nominees from their teams.  In the event that a team is not represented, the player agent will ensure that affected players will have their abilities and qualifications presented.

    2.    The only player performance material (statistics, scorebooks) allowed to be handed out before or during the all-star selection meeting is information supplied to the CC 24 hours prior to the selection. The CC will then distribute this material to the meeting attendees.

    3.    Upon completion of the open discussion, the voting will commence by secret ballot.  Each manager will select six players from the nominations list.  The six players receiving the most votes will be placed on the all-star team.  In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker vote will be held.  From the list of tied players, managers will vote for a number that will bring the selected team member total to six.  For example, if five players are tied for the last two spots, each manager will vote for two of the five.  Further ties will be broken by the all-star manager for the division.

    4.    After further discussion, managers will use the format from step 3 to select four additional players.

    5.    The all-star manager will select two additional players, making a complete roster of twelve players.  These players must be selected from the original nominee list.  Alternate players may be selected using the format listed under Replacement Players below.  

    6.    Voting results should remain in confidence for 48 hours to allow the all-star manager time to notify the selected players.

Player Withdrawal


A player is considered to be an official member of an SMGSA all-star team when she has met all SMGSA and USA eligibility requirements, has been notified of selection and accepted placement on a team, and has either paid the required all-stars fee, or made a written arrangement to pay such a fee.


Unless unusual circumstances exist, no refund of fees will be issued to a player who chooses to permanently or temporarily abandon her all-star team prior to the disbanding of the team.   Unusual circumstances may include, but are not limited to, extended illness, injury, or family emergency.  The board of directors may choose to issue a partial or full refund in such situations.


Replacement Players


An all-star manager is not required to replace a missing player.  All-Star team rosters are set at twelve players per team.  Under no circumstances will a team have more than twelve players in a line up at any game. Note: exception for 8U Silver Team below.  In the event that selected players have conflicts which may prohibit them from attending certian all-star tournaments, all teams may select, at the manager's discretion, up to two additional roster spots as replacement players.


Replacement players are chosen from the remaining all-star nominee list using section C3 of the All-Star Selection Process policy above.  If multiple teams are established within a division, the lowest ranking team is the only team permitted to select replacement player roster spots. In this situation, should higher ranking teams need replacement players, they may select a player(s) from a lower ranking team within their division and eligibility class.


Replacement players should be considered as substitutes, and will not compromise the playing time of original all-star team members. Replacement players may attend tournaments and be listed on the master roster but may not be added to a line-up unless one or two of the original 12 players is injured or not in attendence.  All-stars managers must notify the player agent of any roster changes.


Parents of replacement players are responsible for uniform fees  only. Replacement players may participate in all team practices and non-tournament friendly games.




When enough talented players are available, SMGSA encourages the formation of a second all-star team in any age division.  Managers are to be notified of the intent to form a second team prior to all-stars nominations so that an adequate pool of nominees will be available for selection.


Decisions regarding a second team in a division will only be made following roster completion for the first team.  An exception may occur when a team manager declares his/her intent to manage a second team, and the CC determines that it is highly unlikely that this manager’s daughter would be selected to the first team.  In this situation the player would be removed from consideration for the first team.


A second team manager is selected by the CC at the conclusion of the Gold Team draft. Team rosters are selected using the same policy as first teams with the following exceptions:


    First round of voting to select THREE  players

    Second round of voting to select THREE  players

    Third round (manager picks) to select SIX players plus two alternates if deemed necessary


Past history has shown that the level of commitment for Second all-star teams in the 8U division is not at the same level as the other divisions.  The roster size of an 8U Second all-star team may be increased to 13 players at the manager's request.  The 13th roster spot would be added as a SEVENTH manager's pick.


Development Teams aka Bronze All-Star Teams

Occasionally when there are enough talented players and a manager willing to accept the responsibility, the CC may approve the formation of a developmental or Bronze All-Star team.  The purpose of a developmental or Bronze All-Star team is to allow players to continue to play softball and expose them to better competition.  The emphasis should be on playing “friendlies” and may include up to three tournaments.  Fees for these teams will be based on the team schedule and uniform costs.


Developmental or Bronze team selection and manager selection will be the same as for silver teams with exception of roster size exemptions. Roster sizes shall be 12 players.  Any exceptions to the roster size must be requested by the All Star Coordinator and approved by the CC.


Tournament Selection Guidelines

Gold teams will play in tournaments as designated by the All Star Coordinator and confirmed by the board.  In the event there are silver teams, the silver teams will play in separate “C” Tournaments or in tournaments with separate divisions.  In the event there are developmental teams, they will also play in separate tournaments from any SMGSA teams in the same age division.  The silver and developmental schedules will be arranged by the All Star Coordinator and the team manager with CC approval.  It is the intent of this policy to prevent SMGSA teams from competing with each other during all star play.